James Christian represents the artistic expression of James Christian Stegman, a third generation silversmith, continuing the tradition of a company that has been in business since 1886.  While steeped in tradition, a legacy company such as Comstock Heritage can be limiting artistically, most people want the tradition that comes with 134 years.  There is also pressure to continue the business, turning the art into commerce.  I wanted a way to produce things seen as art, not compromised in design or interpretation, something not simply as something to wear, but something to be understood.
Since 2010, I have been so fortunate to design and produce works that represent my interpretation of what is happening in the world, and more specifically in my world.  These are intensely personal pieces that I have have been lucky enough to share with a select few people, some of whom have become dear friends.
All the pieces were originally designed to be one of a kind works, and they certainly are all different.  However, since the beginning, many of the pieces have also had a philanthropic aspect, and those I will reproduce due to the message and the ability to help causes I feel strongly about.  The best example of this is the proliferation of the "Pushing the Rock" series.   
Thank you for looking, I hope the message made it's way to you.
James Stegman

Comstock Heritage, Inc.